Monday, May 14, 2012

Heartworm & Pets

Warm weather means the return of mosquitoes and the heartworm disease that they carry. Because a single bite from a mosquito could transmit the deadly heartworm parasite to your pet, it’s important that your pet stay on a heartworm preventative at all times. We can’t prevent the mosquitoes from biting, but we can prevent their harmful effects. We would love to discuss heartworm prevention for your pet!

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  1. some geographical areas Heartworm is a huge issue. In Vancouver BC Heartworm is not a common problem...even in the summer. However areas that are not far away, such as the Okanagan and parts of Oregon, do have endemic Heartworm populations. Heartworm medication also protects against other parasites that are endemic in Vancouver. The doctors at the West Boulevard Veterinary Clinic recommend year round parasite prevention for dogs and cats with access to the great outdoors.