Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is your pet middle aged and/or stiff?? Read on...

There are many veterinary prescription diets available to help manage a wide range of medical issues and to maximally support general wellness of your pet.

Currently Hill's is offering a great promotion on Hill's J/D mobility diet. This diet is designed for pets that have clinical joint stiffness and/or are larger and middle aged (high risk for developing joint problems). Feeding a well researched balanced diet with optimal supplement levels is cheaper, not to mention easier, than feeding a basic diet and a separate supplement.

J/D is well balanced maintenance food formulated with the following benefits:

  • High levels of omega-3 fatty acids which can help reduce the degradation of cartilage, are proven to reduce discomfort and help to reduce the dose of painkillers
  • L-carnitine which helps maintain a healthy weight which in itself lowers stress on joints
J/D has been clinically proven to help your dog walk, run and jump better in as little as 21 days. The cat trials have a 28 day test period.

This is how the promotion works:
  • Your dog or cat must be assessed by a veterinarian as having some stage of arthritic joint disease
  • The first 5 pets switching from another diet will be provided with a FREE BAG of Hill's Prescription Diet j/d Mobility pet food. The bag size is determined by the size of the pet.
  • A "Before" score card ( 6 client and 5 veterinarian questions) must be completed before starting the trial
  • A reassessment appointment is done 21 days (28 days for felines) after starting the trial and an "After" score card is completed
  • A comparison is made between the "Before" and "After" scores
  • The veterinarian sends the results into Hill's Prescription Diets
  • The client receives the value of $25 in coupons to be applied to the next bags of Hill's Diet j/d Mobility pet food.
If you think your pet is eligible for this great offer please give us a call (604-266-7421) to start maximizing mobility through excellent nutrition.

Drs Potter & Rurak and Mandy Isaacs have travelled to Topeka Kansas to see first hand the Hill's nutrition research centre and the manufacturing plant. All of Hill's research tests must be non invasive in nature. The animals live happily in family groups under conditions akin to living with a family. They receive state of the art veterinary care. One of the things that really impressed us was the cleanliness of both the research centre and manufacturing plant. It was also amazing that the protein in any food lot can be traced not only to the source farm but to the source animal! Each batch of food is quality tested before it leaves the plant! This dedication to nutrition and research is one of the reasons WBVC highly recommends feeding veterinary prescription diets to your pets. We realize that not all pets are the same and may make alternative recommendations on a case to case basis.


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