Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sarah's New Mug!

This is Sarah's new mug.

 Sarah loved her old mug as it held a lot of tea...a beverage she sips throughout the day. Although the new mug is beautiful Sarah isn't one to turn over something solely for the sake of beauty!

Sarah's mugs have radically different shapes. The shape is the key to the change.

Meet Siegfried....

...Siegfried is the catalyst for Sarah changing mugs!

After Christmas our AHT, Kari, decided it was time to get a dog of her own. Her wish list was a quiet dog that had an easily managed coat, was larger breed that was not aggressive and could jog with her for miles without tiring. At WBVC we are involved with medical and psychological management of various rescue dogs so it was only natural that Kari's dog was to be a rescue dog. We care for several rescued retired racing greyhounds. With time and dedication they all have become wonderful companions.

Thus Kari had decided on her breed of choice...a racing Greyhound rescue. The task... to find the face of HER companion. Days became weeks of looking on line...which faces touched her heart? White ones, grey ones, mottled ones, black ones, fawn ones and brindle ones were all on offer. There we males and females. Some were shy and others boisterous. Some older and others youthful. Some would eat a cat!

Kari added on to her search criteria. Male, as she worried a late spayed female may develop mammary cancer as she aged. Cat friendly as she has three kitties. Brave enough to come to work each day and laid back enough not to trash the office or her town home! 

The next step was seeing if Kari was deemed by Greyhound Pets Inc. to be a suitable Greyhound adopter. After several telephone calls, emails and  form filling Kari passed with flying colours!

In February a date was set for Kari and Sarah to take off a Friday from the hospital to visit the greyhounds and bring home the perfect fit. All was organized and then IT SNOWED...a lot!! Now Kari was worrying her short list of dogs, and thus her perfect companion, would be adopted to other adopters before she could drive to Washington. She was upset. However the weather cleared and off she went to Washington...without Sarah as there were now surgeries scheduled.

Kari met a lot of Greyhounds and a match was made...M's Motown Rock....a four year old, newly neutered, brindle male.  He was not one of her short listed dogs but he was her first choice. The fellow who had been on the top her short list came out to greet her and promptly lifted his leg and urinated on the hall wall! He missed out on a great home:(

Paperwork completed Kari and the newly named Siegfried headed back to his forever home.

He spend a quiet weekend at home and came to work with Kari on Monday. He had a great start at Greyhound Pets Inc www.greyhoundpetsinc.org . All his health needs had been seen to before he came home. His teeth are badly chipped and worn, presumably from biting at cage bars, and he has a small esophageal diverticulum but other than that he is in good form.

We quickly found that Siegfried: 

  • will walk through any door that is even left slightly ajar
  • is great with cats and other dogs
  • is not so great with "Red" the clinic's African Grey
  • can't be trusted with rabbits....to him they are the lure!
  • loves soft doughnut beds
  •  has to be fed with his food at chest level or higher
  • gets upset when Kari is out of sight (thankfully this is resolving)
  • is needy and loves to be touching someone
  • is incredibly laid back
  • is deaf to subtle hints
  • never makes a bathroom mistake indoors
  • panics and screams if you raise your voice at all
  • would rather watch Kari jog than actually participate in jogging
By now you may be getting an inkling why Sarah has a new mug.

Siegfried can drink up the contents of a mug without tipping the mug, without spilling a drop and without leaving a drop behind. It happens to all of us but I think he prefers tea over coffee. 

Sarah could not tolerate her tea disappearing any longer! Her solution...a very tall, very narrow mug. 

To our surprise it worked...he now drinks from everyone else's mug and leaves Sarah's alone!

To see Sieg's racing history and pedigree go to: 

Check back...we will keep you posted on Sieg's transition to a house pet, running companion and clinic mascot:)

If you are looking towards a new dog in your life consider a Greyhound rescue. There are various groups that coordinate Greyhound rescue and here in the Pacific Northwest, Greyhound Pets Inc. are doing a wonderful job! 


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